Plant & Machinery

BVL Granites has state of art machinery imported from Italy which makes BVL Granites a preferred partner for some of the world’s leading designers, architects and contractors.To ensure its competitive advantage,BVL Granites has invested in the best machinery for its 1.5 million square feet processing plant.

We have a wide collection of products in granite, exporting all over the world majority in Europe, Turkey, Egypt and Australia. Our company is one among very few exporters with high quality, best prices and delivery in time.We are capable of delivering different products from blocks to slabs and cut to size work.

Gang Saw Plant

BVL Granites slabs range include gang saw size slabs.short slabs and thick slabs with dedicated production lines.We produce slabs with different finishes like Leather, Honed, Flamed, Antique and Sand Blasted. Production lines of Gang Saws, Polishing, Resin and Flaming have capacity to produce and supply large volumes .

Production Capacity:35,000 sqm./month

Circular Saw Plant

Circular Saws of diameters ranging from 1.6mt to 3.5mt at our plant,enable us to produce short slabs ranging from 100 cm to 350 cm in length and 65 cm to 130 cm in height.Black Galaxy, Absolute Black Granites in these sizes have heavy demand as they are used for a variety of purposes especially for kitchen requirements.

Tile Plant

Wide range of tiles are produced through latest, highly advanced cutting centers with complete processing lines of Pedrini Spa, Italy.
Production Capaity: 25,000 sqm./month

Features of Tiles Manufactured at BVL Granites:

Accuracy in Production
Varied Sizes and Variety of Finishes
Flaming & Sand Blasting Line for large volumes of production
Supreior and secure packing with corrugated boxes,Styrofoam Boxes packed in wooden crates and pallets

Cut to Size Projects

Demands of specific markets for cut-to-size products are met with automated lines which include Bridge Cutting Machines and Edge Profiling Machines.